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Twinkle Toes – Dance Recital

Twinkle Toes – Dance Recital

This May was my 8th year in a row photographing the Twinkle Toes annual dance recital.  It is pretty much my biggest event of the year. . a day of frenzied dancers, glitter, and excitement!  This year, the theme was Dance School Musical. 


Twinkle Toes Dance Productions works with schools across the valley to provide a dance enrichment program within the school.  Their talented instructors teach a 3 minute routine to the performers to perform together every May.  There are so many children involved they have 4 recitals in one day!


Since there are so many children, I don’t have much time to take their portraits.  But they are just so cute in their outfits, even the most camera shy, overwhelmed first-timers look absolutely adorable in their pictures.  They older kids throw out a little sass, and posing seems to come a little more natural to them.  Twinkle Toes even has an elite group of company dancers who compete each year.  I heard they did an AMAZING job this year. . . they are a very talented group!  I’ve even seen a few of them for all eight years.    


While I was tucked away in the back, my second photographer, Kyle, was up front capturing the action.  There are some wonderful images.  I love the little ones who aren’t quite sure what to do next, so they are peeking at the instructor throughout the dance!


 Though it’s a very long day of work, it is so much fun!  I completely enjoy being part of the excitement of the day. 

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Anniversary Portraits – 20 Years

Anniversary Portraits – 20 Years

 What should marriage after 20 years and 4 kids look like? Just like this!!


What an incredible way to remember your 20th  –  These anniversary portraits were awesome.  Though it was similar to an engagement shoot, the years Jenn and Drew have shared together made this photoshoot so comfortable, relaxed, and fun.


I have had the privilege of knowing this couple for 8 years, and they truly are a wonderful example of marriage and family.  They are an inspiration, and an encouragement to so many people around them. 


I am truly blessed to have them in my life, and so thankful they gave me the opportunity to help make their anniversary one to remember.  Thanks guys!


We even had a beautiful full moon to end our little photographic adventure.  I couldn’t pass that up! 


We did have one strange incident. . we were being “watched” by a local who seemed to think we should not be there.  He tried several times to shoo us away, and did managed to persuade us away from his area and totally creep Drew out.  He kept a close, beady, little eye on us as we finished up.  So, since he insisted on sticking around, I had to snap a shot for memories sake.


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Party Poodle and Puppy Portraits

Party Poodle and Puppy Portraits

If anyone has ever had a puppy, you know how fast they grow!  This sweet family had the right idea. Document this precious time with their new little party poodle.


Though I had a lot of challenges as a photographer:

#1 – I was photographing a puppy

#2 – with 2 children

#3 – on a windy day


I had something wonderful on my side…My subjects were absolutely ADORABLE!


Besides just being cute, these girls were so much fun to photograph!  They were full of ideas and were so excited to be out with their new puppy.  They even suggested some images of just the two of them without the puppy!  What sweet sisters…  🙂


By the end of it all, Dad couldn’t resist and had to get in on the fun.  With all of that cuteness around, how could he?

Taking Portraits of My Own Family

faerynn-baby-portrait-cgphotoanddesig-photographer-1   My littlest (Faerynn) is just about 9 months, and that is a reason to get the photo gear out and take some shots. Of course, it is never easy when it’s your own children.  Baby cakes was not cooperating one little bit, so we had to break for a nap (her, not me – though I would have benefited!) 

CG Photo and Design own baby has her portraits taken my mother who is a photographer in Chandler, AZ.

CG Photo and Design own baby has her portraits taken my mother who is a photographer in Chandler, AZ.   Once we finally got back to it, things were a little better.   It took all of her sisters around trying to keep her amused while I hid behind the camera, waiting for the shot!  We ended up with some adorable images – well worth the ordeal.

CG Photo and Design own children have their family portraits taken my mother who is a photographer in Chandler, AZ.

   Of course, the other girls (Freya, Fiona and Francesca)  had to join in the fun. . so they all quickly changed out of their swimsuits, coordinated shirts, and attempted to brush (or smooth down with their hands) their still damp hair. 

CG Photo and Design own children have their family portraits taken my mother who is a photographer in Chandler, AZ.

   As you can see, they are not camera shy – and they would have kept me working all day if I did not say that was enough.


   All in all, we had fun together – and we have the images to look back and remember the day.

CG Photo and Design own children have their family portraits taken my mother who is a photographer in Chandler, AZ.

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