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Little Girls – Portraits of Childhood in Chandler AZ

Little Girls – Portraits of Childhood in Chandler AZ


little girl in garden  wg_29



Even though summers in the Phoenix area are a bit brutal, these little cuties didn’t seem to mind at all!  What a fun portrait session.  These girls were happy to show off their sweet smiles and girlish ways.  I was able to photograph them as they were naturally at play, as well as grab some loosely posed portraits. 




We really captured the busy-ness of childhood with this duplicity photograph.  Even though it’s not an award winner, I feel this shot represents the magic of their sweet imaginations and personalities.  It reminds me of my little ones at play – exploring, pretending, and being silly!




Golden Gate Bridge at night

Golden Gate Bridge at night

I have hundreds of images from my trip to California this summer, and though I have run through them and grabbed out some I like, I have not really had a chance to sort through them.  I just took too many, and after awhile, scenic photos start to melt together and look the same. 

Now that some time has passed, I can more appreciate the beautiful scenery.  One in particular is this one of the Golden Gate at night.  Slowly, but surely, I’ll share some more.

  golden gate bridge under full moon with fog over city

We were traveling south and happened to be passing San Francisco on the night of the “super moon”.  Though we arrived about 45 minutes after the moon was on the horizon and really looking “super”, it was still a beautiful sight to behold.  Every other photographer in the Bay Area must have agreed, since the windy road up the hill was packed with photographers vying for the best spot to capture this spectacle.


Since I was weary of traveling and anxious to be at our next destination, I would have passed this up, but thankfully my wonderful husband turned off  the highway despite my lack of interest.  He made me get out, with my tripod, to take the picture.   Bad photographer.  Good husband!  Anyway, here is the fruit of his encouragement. 



Chandler Family Portraits

Chandler Family Portraits

Chandler Family Portraits

 Chandler family1

chandler family2

Earlier this year, I had a chance to photograph a great family here in Chandler.  I had worked with them before, about six years ago, for 1 year photos of their daughter.  It was neat to see how their family has grown.  They were so much fun, and after spending a couple hours photographing them in their house and outside at the local waterfall, I feel we captured the family’s closeness and personality. 

 chandler family3

chandler family4

The kids were a blast to work with.  Once we had a few family shots done, I was able to photograph each child independently.  Their daughter had no problem warming up to the camera!  Though she sported a sweet smile and bright eyes, she managed to put a little sass into the posing as well.  Their son may have started out a little shy, but he loosened up and shared his fun nature.  And you’ve got to love the sibling photos! 

 chandler family5

After playing inside, we headed outside.  We did not let a little drizzle stop us!  Mom and Dad were ready for anything, and had some creative ideas to add to the portraits.  The overcast sky added beautiful lighting to our amazing backdrop and we got some fantastic shots.  At the end of it all, I had time invested with a sweet family and some great photos to show for it!

chandler family6

chandler family7

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