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Party Poodle and Puppy Portraits

Party Poodle and Puppy Portraits

If anyone has ever had a puppy, you know how fast they grow!  This sweet family had the right idea. Document this precious time with their new little party poodle.


Though I had a lot of challenges as a photographer:

#1 – I was photographing a puppy

#2 – with 2 children

#3 – on a windy day


I had something wonderful on my side…My subjects were absolutely ADORABLE!


Besides just being cute, these girls were so much fun to photograph!  They were full of ideas and were so excited to be out with their new puppy.  They even suggested some images of just the two of them without the puppy!  What sweet sisters…  🙂


By the end of it all, Dad couldn’t resist and had to get in on the fun.  With all of that cuteness around, how could he?

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