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This May was my 8th year in a row photographing the Twinkle Toes annual dance recital.  It is pretty much my biggest event of the year. . a day of frenzied dancers, glitter, and excitement!  This year, the theme was Dance School Musical. 


Twinkle Toes Dance Productions works with schools across the valley to provide a dance enrichment program within the school.  Their talented instructors teach a 3 minute routine to the performers to perform together every May.  There are so many children involved they have 4 recitals in one day!


Since there are so many children, I don’t have much time to take their portraits.  But they are just so cute in their outfits, even the most camera shy, overwhelmed first-timers look absolutely adorable in their pictures.  They older kids throw out a little sass, and posing seems to come a little more natural to them.  Twinkle Toes even has an elite group of company dancers who compete each year.  I heard they did an AMAZING job this year. . . they are a very talented group!  I’ve even seen a few of them for all eight years.    


While I was tucked away in the back, my second photographer, Kyle, was up front capturing the action.  There are some wonderful images.  I love the little ones who aren’t quite sure what to do next, so they are peeking at the instructor throughout the dance!


 Though it’s a very long day of work, it is so much fun!  I completely enjoy being part of the excitement of the day. 

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