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coast and grasses framed in trees

Now that we are back into a fall routine, the kids have been reminiscing about our summer adventure; especially the beaches!   

 green CA coastline

We spent hours along the coastline.  We searched out every beach we could find and went exploring.  The beautiful thing was that most of them were just about deserted, allowing us to spread out comfortably and find that “something beautiful” we were looking for. 

rocky green coast with clouds

For my husband and kids, these were the washed up treasures the waves and currents brought in.  We have numerous shells, rocks, sticks, and other interesting beach gifts.  For me, it was searching out the best way to “see” the beauty. I wanted to view it from all angles, so I could share some of the magic with friends and family.  AND, of course, to have them to aid our memories down the road.

 rocky beach behind trees

I hope you enjoy a few of my beach treasures in scenic portrait form.

small waves coming in under cloudy sky


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